Team Nazar Training Center

Team Nazar Training Center teaches values that go beyond winning or losing, and set the foundation for athletes, and success in life.

Our Values:

We are dedicated to helping young, elite athletes strive for success both on and off the wrestling mat. We are proud to teach not only the love of wrestling, but also impart the ideals of good sportsmanship, hard work, and commitment.

Our Mission:

Originally from Ukraine, Nazar Kulchytskyy started wrestling at the age of seven. The sport has been engrained in him ever since. While in Ukraine, he was a 5x Ukrainian National Champion and earned a bronze medal at the European Championships.

In 2009, Nazar and his parents started a new chapter of their lives in the United States. They moved to a small town in Wisconsin called Prairie du Chein. While Nazar later attended the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh and earned three Division III National titles.

After college, he decided to continue in the sport of wrestling full-time, and competed at the Senior-Level for six years. He trained with both the Wisconsin Badgers and the Minnesota Gophers during his wrestling career. 

From Ukraine to the United States

 USA National Team Member

Nazar Kulchytskyy [cool-chiski]


Having great training partners to challenge you, motivate you, and encourage you is what Team Nazar Training Center is all about. We have gathered some of the best athletes in the state to create a winning environment in the wrestling room. Although team structure is extremely important, Coach Nazar strongly believes the importance of working on each athlete’s individual and personal needs that allow them to be successful. This is why Team Nazar will be focusing on small group training and offering private sessions

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Challenging, motivating & Encouraging athletes

With over 20 years of wrestling experience internationally, Coach Nazar is ready to take the next step and give back to the sport in his home state of Wisconsin. He has always had a passion for mentoring and working with young athletes. This is why he decided to open Team Nazar Training Center in 2020. 

Growing up in Ukraine, it gave Coach Nazar a different perspective in the sport of wrestling. He grew up in a culture where coaches focused on strategy and specialized techniques. He has applied this same method to his competitive career at the Senior-Level and in his coaching experiences. This is exactly what Coach Nazar plans to incorporate in the Team Nazar Training Center curriculum. In the past six years while training at the Senior-Level, he has also been around two Big Ten wrestling programs with the Wisconsin Badgers and the Minnesota Gophers where he learned a variety of skills in both freestyle and folkstyle.

Giving Back

It's time to give back to the sport

1 Fargo Champion

2 Fargo Finalists

8 Fargo

11 WIAA State Finals Appearances

5 WIAA State Titles

20 WIAA State placers

Team Nazar Accomplishments

4 World team members

2 world medalists

1 world champion

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Train with Coach Nazar and some of the best athletes in the state.

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Neenah Location

2:30pm (Youth)
3:30pm (High School)
5:00pm (Youth Elite)
6:30pm (High School Elite)
5:00pm (Youth)
6:00pm (Youth Elite)
7:30pm (All High School)
6:00pm (Youth Elite)
7:30pm (High School Elite)
5:00pm (Youth)
6:00pm (Youth Elite)
7:30pm (All High School)

2754 Agriculture Drive
Madison, WI 53718


Madison Location


Elite Wrestling Club in Wisconsin

Practice Times

Neenah Middle School
1275 Tullar Rd
Neenah, WI 54956


Practice Times

6:00pm (Youth)
7:15pm (High School)
6:00pm (Youth)
7:15pm (High School)
7:15pm (All)

*Must be a state qualifier to attend elite practices*